Saturday, August 1, 2015

Baby Anna

Our cook's daughter recently had a baby, which she named Anna.
She came to visit about 10 days later.  Baby Anna is growing well and doing great!

Friday, July 31, 2015

New Sight Congo Update

New Sight Congo has been doing many screening outreach programs in the area around the hospital.  In one village about an hour away from the hospital, they saw over 80 patients in one day!
The team returned tired, but honored to be a part of helping the community.  That day six patients were identified who will benefit from surgery.

Henri Samoutou using a classroom for community outreach.
Pictures and info from Joyce Samoutou with New Sight Congo
For more pictures and updates follow New Sight Congo on Facebook

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ambassadors Ireland in Congo

Another match- this one at the hospital compound
Some of the Ambassadors team on a tour of the hospital

See more about Ambassadors Football Ireland on their Facebook page

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

More Soccer with Ambassadors Ireland

There was a tournament with some of the local Ambassadors teams
The junior teams in the tournament

 A tournament game with Ambassadors Ireland

Monday, July 27, 2015

Soccer with Ambassadors Ireland

We were recently able to welcome a team with Ambassadors Ireland to the Congo.  The players from Ireland and some Congolese working with Ambassadors formed a combined team.  Their purpose is to use sports to facilitate sharing the gospel.

They were able to spend ten days in the area, playing local teams, traveling to different villages, and helping with football (soccer) camps for youth.

The Congo team played against the recently formed Dzeke village team after travelling there by canoes. There were over 2000 people who watched and heard the Gospel. Pray for the people of Congo the work of Ambassadors in the area and the team!
More photos from Dzeke
Photo and info from Ambassadors Football Ireland Facebook page

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Update- Kids Version

I haven't written much about our children lately.  They finished school (ICI Academy) the first week of June.  There were a few things we had to finish after that, but they kept a good attitude about school dragging into the summer.

After going back to the US in February 2013, then returning to Congo in March 2014, our last few school years were rather interrupted.  I thought this was going to be the year that we would spend all in one place and have a more consistent schedule.

We were in Impfondo the majority of the time, and we still did school during our month in Ethiopia, and we learned outside the classroom while in South Africa.

Even while we were in Impfondo, our school days were not always consistent.  We started school in the midst of Ebola awareness, and our first day of school was the same time some of our teammates evacuated.  We stayed prepared for evacuation ourselves, just in case.

The rest of the school year was challenging as well; sometimes there just things that pulled my attention in other directions.  In spite of this, the kids persevered.  They kept working through as much of their lessons as they could do independently, and we worked the rest in when we could.

I was proud of them and glad to see them maturing.  Now they are enjoying the summer with much more free time.  We're still spending some time each morning with Bible, journaling, and other writing.  But they have more time to read for pleasure, play with their toys, and enjoy the great outdoors.
Isabelle just had her 12th birthday.
She picked out the fabric at the market, and we made matching dresses  for her and Molly.

Ian has had a growth spurt over the last six weeks.
He's now about the same height as me.
It's time to update the family picture!
Caleb loves playing on the stacked trunks as we work on packing.
It's fun to have a different perspective for awhile.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Another French/English Service

 The praise band moved spots to incorporate the keyboard.

Henri Samoutou sharing.

Ninelle shared her story during "Fab Five."

Ninelle spoke in Lingala, and at first had translation from Lingala to French to English.
That proved to be too time consuming, so we switched and had Lingala to English.

Many of those in the French/English service had not yet heard her experience,
and were able to celebrate God's working in the situation with Ninelle.
One of my favorite little people, Ravette was at the service, too.